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Membership Community Annual

Membership Community Annual



Community memberships are available for our Eastbourne sports centre only.

This product is for new members only - please see reception or your renewal email for any existing membership renewals.

Membership cards and ability to activate membership should be available on your chosen site within 24hrs of purchase. Please take your purchase reference number with you.

If any of the following statements apply to you we recommend you consult a doctor before undertaking any exercise, we must be informed of their advice and recommended you purchase a fitness programme from us before exercising:

~ Pregnant or have recently given birth.

~ Any of your immediate family had any heart problems prior to the age of 60.

~ Ever had Heart condition, stroke, palpitations, murmurs or chest pains.

~ Had a injury, illness, back/joint problem that may be/been aggravated by exercise.

~ Have, or had in the past, Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, hernia, dizziness/loss of consciousness, arthritis or ulcers which currently restrict your ability to exercise.

~ Do not currently participate in any regular exercise:

~ Know of any other reason why you should not partake in physical activity.

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